Dave Elliott Concertina Tinker December 2010

Objective: to provide a running tutorial


This is achieved by providing  an immediate diagnostic and, if possible, repair or advice service in front of the group. Thus teaching the group in a live situation about the management of running repairs, and concertina care. If necessary providing advice and approaches to more major issues.


This is not the right venue for a complete re-tuning of a concertina, but replacing broken springs, sticking valves and all the plethora of minor problems can be addressed there and then with owner participation.

Objective: to provide a running repair facility and resource.


At big concertina meetings where a large number of ancient and creaking instruments are present, there will be the inevitable broken key, loose pad, broken spring, etc. Similar to the clinic above running repairs can be effected without spoiling the event for unlucky participants.

Objective: teaching and coaching skills in repair techniques


Workshops can vary from a 90 minutes question and answer session to in-depth tuition and coaching on specific topics, from fault finding, concertina care, servicing, through to bellows replacement or the changing of a concertinas original pitch to ‘concert’ pitch of A-440hz.


Workshops can be one off events or be progressive as the organisers may wish to suit the circumstances.

I can tailor workshops to suit event needs
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