Dave Elliott Concertina Tinker December 2010

On an instrument designed in the 1830's, probably made around, or over a century ago, things will wear out, leather and felt items get tired, and need replacement, dirt accumulates, tuning drifts, springs get brittle, moths strike at felt and pads, its time for a SERVICE, just like on a car.

The Main Benefits:

New valves give a crisper note sound and response, air efficiency is improved as a result of bellows performance/ wear being addressed; percussive pads are replaced making actions smoother and feel faster; minor tuning adjustments are made all the errors are your own (sorry)

Straps and screws replaced if needed making the concertina feel more secure to hold; a general clean round to remove years of filtered air debris giving less sneezes???


What I can do to help.

For any system of instrument, conduct a full assessment and provide advice, cost options and give the instrument another lease of playing vigour


A 'no guess work' report of instrument condition, specific and general service requirements and existing component life, versus the playing benefits on repair or replacement

An Estimate

An estimate of costs, options, and recommendations in balance with the instrument's condition and potential value, if other issues arise during the work then full discussion and options are provided

Service and repair

What ever it takes, but as much as possible a 'no surprise' servicing service.


Insurance valuations, do you have appropriate cover, could you afford to replace a stolen instrument?