Dave Elliott Concertina Tinker December 2010

This level of open heart surgery is usually reserved for the one from the back of the attic, or wardrobe, that concertina that was great uncle's, or grandmother's, or was picked up in a junk shop 25 years ago........ It will look filthy, and possibly be carried in a plastic bag for hygiene reasons.

The Concertina will need all the components of a full and in depth service, plus a range of possible additions:


Replacement veneers and fretwork repair,s end plate re-bushing; some keys replacing; possibly a full set on new springs, reed corrosion and verdigris removal; some reeds may be broken or missing. Woodwork glued joints have may have failed, complete sets of cross bushed and dampers may be needed, but above all there is the lung transplant, the BELLOWS

Next to reeds (100 reeds in a basic English treble), bellows are the most expensive aspect of the instrument, and they are a throw away consumable item. Thankfully only every 80 years or so. See the bellows page for more information